The song is about having both a sense of purpose and a sense of complete insignificance at the same time – keeping those two plates spinning at the once, whilst idly imagining the pros and cons of existing in a different moment in the past or future. The seemly trivial and deeply significant, drifting in and out of focus with each other as the song progresses.

In the video we chose to convey the rolling melancholy of the music using footage of Gerard playing the song to himself on acoustic guitar, interspersed with miscellaneous objects from his childhood and artefacts from various locations around Bristol. Fleeting , disparate images that felt sympathetic to the lyrics.

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Flood Myths

Release Date : March 1, 2024
Artist : Gerard Starkie (UK)
Genres : Alt country, Americana, Folk rock, Indie
Format : Single
Catalog ref. : RSRS24001
Format : Digital Download