Novi spot benda Broken Bells za „Leave It Alone“

broken_bells_after_the_discoBroken Bells dvojac, Džejms Merser (James Mercer) i Brajan Barton (Brian Burton – Danger Mouse) nakon nekoliko godina pauziranja od kada su objavili debi album Broken Bells i EP album iz 2011. godine Meyrin Fields, objavili su svoj drugi studijski album After the Disco (Columbia Records/Menart).

Pred vama je njihov novi spot za pesmu „Leave it alone“, koji se na Jutjubu pojavio 4. februara.





Spisak pesama na albumu:

  • 1. „Perfect World“
  • 2. „After the Disco“
  • 3. „Holding on For Life“
  • 4. „Leave It Alone“
  • 5. „The Changing Lights“
  • 6. „Control“
  • 7. „Lazy Wonderland“
  • 8. „Medicine“
  • 9. „No Matter What You’re Told“
  • 10. „The Angel and the Fool“
  • 11. „The Remains of Rock & Roll“

„Yeah, there’s snow on the ground, and if I know myself,
I’ll be leaving down the road
I’ve been all around the world,
But I got nowhere to go,
I gave into this lonely life,
and you can’t change me now“

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