July 20, 2024
Artur Menezes
Time: 8.30PM
Venue: Rock & Blues Festival
Country: Italy
Born in Brazil in 1997 and then moved to the United States, Artur Menezes is one of the phenomena of the electric guitar, inspired by the classic blues and then evolved technically by mixing rock, psychedelia, funky and bajon, a typical dance genre of northeastern Brazil.

Already active as a guitarist at 13 years old, at 14 he has the honor of playing with Buddy Guy in Chicago and then embarking on tour with him the following year as a supporting act of his American shows.
His very strong connections with his native country lead him still very young to be among the founders of the House of Blues chain in Brazil, and at just 19 years old he moves to Los Angeles for good. Years later he gets the Green Card, granted by the American government for his contribution to the blues.
That same year performing with Joe Satriani (one of his first big supporters) in Brazil in front of 20,000 people.
After winning the Albert King Award for Best Guitarist, in 2019 he’s playing at Madison Square Garden selected by Eric Clapton for his Crossroads Guitar Festival.
In his final work “Fading Away” of 2020 (prequel to a new album coming in 2024), he features friend and great fan Joe Bonamassa.