Aci Mothers Temple – psychedelic rock from the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese music collective, Acid Mothers Temple, returns to Serbia for concerts in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Anyone who has been to one of their gigs is aware of the energy and power these veterans are creating. Prior to this mini-tour in our country, a bandleader Makoto Kawabata took the time to talk to us about changes in their group, concerts and the working process in the studio, and the impact of the space on their music.

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Föllakzoid – pulsating eclecticism from Andes

The premiere show of the psychedelic Chilean band Föllakzoid in Serbia, will be held on Saturday, October 12th at the Belgrade’s club Elektropionir. They are coming to us for a gig that is the part of the promoting tour for their latest studio release, and prior to this concert, band guitarist Domingæ Garcia-Huidobro took the time to talk to us about the sound landscape they create, the concerts and the music of the country they are coming from.

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Mother’s Cake – furious combination of psychodelic and prog rock

Mother’s Cake is Austrian psych/prog rock band formed in 2008. in a small village in the Tyrolean Alps.  They have released three studio albums and the most recent one No Rhyme No Reason is the reason of their European tour when the group will play in Belgrade, on April 10. 

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Don Antonio – the sound of modern Italy

Antonio Gramentieri is one of the most personal and revered producers and guitar players of the new Italian scene. He mixes north and south, bluesy and jazzy atmospheres, Africa and Mediterranean, vintage soundtracks and folk music, and defines the sound of modern Italy as warm, elusive, intriguing, mysterious, mutant affair.

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