Föllakzoid – pulsating eclecticism from Andes

The premiere show of the psychedelic Chilean band Föllakzoid in Serbia, will be held on Saturday, October 12th at the Belgrade’s club Elektropionir. They are coming to us for a gig that is the part of the promoting tour for their latest studio release, and prior to this concert, band guitarist Domingæ Garcia-Huidobro took the time to talk to us about the sound landscape they create, the concerts and the music of the country they are coming from.

RS: What is the best way to describe music style of Follakzoid? What does it mean Andean trance?

Domingae:  Föllakzoid is like a lighter, every lighter can produce fire when used, but if you try to retain the object, it will most likely run out of fuel. Fire burns in different places but at the same time it is one. We are not the user nor the lighter or the gas, we are guided by the energy in between.

Andean means that comes from the Andes mountain cordon where the ancient knowledge of planet AKWĀ is rooted in. Trance is perception, there is no such thing as a trance state but more like infinite states of perception.

RS: People tend to call your shows not concerts, but “rituals”. What do you think about that?

Domingae: We don’t think about it much yet we can sense it unleashes a holographic beast that protects and guides us all from the shadows.

RS: Do people have to be in a special state of mind to capture and listen to your songs?

Domingae: Certainly, but its not obligatory, the music will capture them anyways if not, like it does with us. In a very real way we are spectators and instruments of the channeled work.

RS: Could you tell us a bit about your working process? Who is the studio boss? How do you decide which songs are going to be on the record?

Domingae: There is only one space but infinite timelines, therefore our music expands multidimensionally while we focus on depurating fewer elements in bigger lengths of time.

RS: What sets recent record “I” apart in the Follakzoid catalogue?

Domingae: In many ways it’s a new beginning for the band. In the record
we found ourselves vividly, more than ever, like a déjà vu which we are now living in.

RS: The fact is you are constantly innovating when it comes to music. How do you come up with new ideas and keep your creativity on the high level?

Domingae: We defy it, we try to break it to defy its trueness, and it doesn’t break, on the opposite it grows from within. Everything is really programmed and formatted so once you are in the path of unlearning to be able to process efficiently you realize there are bunch of thing to be uninstalled before even create something, which we believe to be an impossibility in the given parameters.

RS: Is there any difference between shows and fans in Europe and South America?

Domingae: Plenty, yet, there are more similarities than differences. The energy that guides us doesn’t make judgments of faces but relates only with souls, and since its one soul, it always recognizes itself on us sapiens sapiens as the channels.

RS: Last year you played alongside Radiohead at Sue festival? What are your impressions about that?

Domingae: Playing big concerts for major capitalist companies is always a drag. We did that one in particular not because of Radiohead, but because of the stadium and what it represent to us. It was a torture center used by Pinochet to kill and torture our people. That particular event was an alleged festival yet we were the only Chilean band, so, we proceded to play and it was as expected. Good show booked by blinded producers

RS: Let’s take a little break from music now. Are you into football? The Chilean national team is pretty successful in recent years.

Domingae: Oddly sometimes very much. But as well into boxing, mathematics, oracles, ancient technology and fashion. We are no longer individuals.

RS: What’s the music scene like in Chile these days? Would you like to recommend new bands or great albums from your country which deserve our attention?

Domingae: There is a new album we are pretty excited to listen to
which will come out this month via the Chilean netlabel Discos Cetaceos . The artist is called Nabucodonosor and the album is called Teoria de Borrar.

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