Devarrow (CAN)

With a concise yet scratchy fusion of folk, rock, and psychedelia in a stripped-down style, Devarrow is the moniker of Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Graham Ereaux. Raised in Moncton, Canada in the 1990s-2000s, Devarrow lived an early life of stark contrasts. Having bohemian parents that encouraged artistic expression, openness, and a nomadic lifestyle, Ereaux felt at odds to the anxieties, isolations, and social pressures of suburban life. Along the lines of these contrasts and inspired by artists such as Neil Young, Shakey Graves, and Fleet Foxes, Devarrow writes music which is lyrically and sonically inspired by the attempt to reconcile a wandering spirit with the demands of the modern world.

“It’s not about whether or not we need another folk singer; it’s a matter of Devarrow being the folk singer we all need right now.” – Dominionated

“Despite that heavy pull of how to find balance — and peace — in a modern world, Devarrow is playful and cheeky, with the palpable inspiration of Neil Young and Fleet Foxes on such tracks as “Unwired” and “Heart Attack.”CBC Music

“Ereaux goes the extra mile on the record, capturing sounds on his phone and laptop to create what he calls a “gritty kind of depressed lo-fi sound” aimed at recording sound on the same devices he consumes information on.”The Coast

“Uses folk laden with soft images to engage with the hard- edged norms of the world.”Exclaim!

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