Don Antonio – the sound of modern Italy

Antonio Gramentieri is one of the most personal and revered producers and guitar players of the new Italian scene. He mixes north and south, bluesy and jazzy atmospheres, Africa and Mediterranean, vintage soundtracks and folk music, and defines the sound of modern Italy as warm, elusive, intriguing, mysterious, mutant affair.

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Norman Beaker – living legend of blues

Norman Beaker Band

After nearly three years, legendary blues guitarist Norman Beaker returned to Belgrade. The reason for this visit was regional tour where he promoted his latest studio album We See Us Later.

Norman Beaker gained the status of music icon and the reputation of one of the best British blues musicians. He nurtured recognizable sound throughout his career both by playing solo or collaborating with the great artists of blues, rock, soul, pop and jazz music on both sides of America. In a very busy concert schedule, he found time to talk about his long career, experiences from working with famous musicians, a new album and Belgrade memories.

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Algiers: One of the most political moves we can make in this divided and increasingly digitalised world is to congregate together and share a sense of collectivity despite our differences.

Algiers (Photo: Joe Dilworth)

The great american-british band Algiers is on tour promoting their latest, second album The Underside of Power. The tour includes 6 dates in our region, and we took the opportunity to have a little talk with the band.

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Ben Caplan: “When somebody takes pride in their work and tries to do their best every time no matter what, then I think that’s something that’s deserving of respect.”

Ben Caplan
Ben Caplan – Interview, 19.10.2017 @Botel Marina, Rijeka

The charismatic Canadian musician Ben Caplan and his band The Casual Smokers, held 2 concerts in Croatia this year within their European tour, one in Zagreb and one in Rijeka. We had the pleasure of attending the concert in Rijeka, in the unique atmosphere of the venue on the Botel Marina. After a great concert and in a relaxed atmosphere, we sat down with Ben and had a chat.

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