Elsiane (CAN)

Active since 2000, the Montreal duo Elsiane was formed with the meeting of Elsieanne Caplette and Stephane Sotto. they’ve shared influences and styles, like jazz, rock, electronic and world music. The melodies and lyrics of singer Elsieanne interlace perfectly with her singular and colourful voice, supported by the prodigious beats of Sotto. This creative fusion results in vaporous and textured compositions, swaying between a sensible pop and orchestral trip-hop.

In 2007, Elsiane launched its first album, Hybrid, which was very well received by the public and the media. The band also worked and performed for the Cirque du Soleil show, Le Royaume de Tôle.

Five years after releasing Hybrid, the duo finally presents its second opus, Mechanics of Emotion. Less dark than the first record, but preserving the hooking melodies and complex arrangements, this album is a true renaissance for the duo. The band self-produced this 11 track album of organic pop, with the collaboration of sound-engineer Rob Heaney (Patrick Watson, Cirque du Soleil).

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