Battleme (USA)

Battleme is the stage name and band of Lions singer Matt Drenik, an American musician. It was started as a creative outlet to other projects Drenik was involved in during 2009. Since its formation, Battleme has been critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Esquire Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, Magnet and more. They’ve toured and shared the stages with Metric, The Arctic Monkeys, The Toadies, The Supersuckers, Veruca Salt, Reign Wolf + more. Featured heavily in the US television series, Sons of Anarchy, the band reached the Itunes top 20 for several weeks with their cover of Neil Young’s „Hey Hey, My My“, which now has over 30 million YouTube hits. Their most recent record, „Cult Psychotica“, was released in the US on Oct 6, 2017 with All Music giving it an 8 out of 10 stars, with reviewer Matt Collar noting, „the album is a red-eyed collection of fuzzy rock anthems, all centered on Drenik’s throaty, nasal-pitched sneer. What he lacks in outright vocal resonance, he makes up for with strutting rock attitude and literate, philosophical lyrics that are equal parts Lou Reed and Elliott Smith.“ Classic Rock Magazine picked lead single, Testament, as one of its best tracks of 2017. The current line-up is known for it’s blustering live performances that sometimes span over two hours with little breaks in between songs.

YouTube Monthly Spins – 1,000,000+ // Spotify Monthly Spins – 220,000+

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