Nebojša Petrović

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1. an account of someone’s life written by someone else.

I am writing this, therefore I guess this is not a biography. This would better be described as a confessional letter. So hello! I confess, I feel like a chameleon. I’m the product of my environment, and therefore I’m constantly flailing. I personally never know how long I’ll feel anything, but what I feel, I feel intensely. This is amazing because I love everything I do, but it also means I always feel slightly restless. I’ve come to realize that all of my songwriting centers around this. Music is my outlet to question my experiences, poke at my curiosities, and at times freak out about the crazy demands of the modern world. I like all sorts of music, but I’ve always liked writing folk music the most. There’s something deeply intuitive about it. It’s a safe space to say how you feel, to be vulnerable, and to challenge the norm, in a world where you’d otherwise be judged for your thoughts and actions. I also like how versatile it is; you can play it around a campfire, in your friend’s kitchen, a grimy basement, or in a massive stadium. It can be anything, it feels everything, it is the chameleon of music genres, and it is for this reason that folk music and I get along. So, all this said, maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and want something completely different, but today I’d rather run forward quickly with my eyes closed.

Much love and many thanks,


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